The ARRL Northwestern Division Leadership provides the interface between League Members and the National Organization. The Northwestern Division Leadership shall keep the Division Membership informed and provide the Membership with leadership training and opportunity along with the promotion of League programs within the Division that are vital to our overall success.
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Welcome to the ARRL Northwestern Division Site

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national membership association for Amateur Radio operators. The United States government began licensing Amateur Radio operators in 1912. By 1914, there were thousands of Amateur Radio operators--hams--in the United States. Hiram Percy Maxim, a leading Hartford, Connecticut, inventor and industrialist saw the need for an organization to band together this fledgling group of radio experimenters.

Letter 7/2017

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Letter 5/2017

WASHINGTON STATE HAM PLATES: It has come to our attention that some
folks attempting to renew their auto license Ham Plate have been having
problems. While I must admit I had no problem with mine, I’m told
that others have. EWA SM Mark Tharp, KB7HDX, has had a conversation
with DOL and obtained the following suggestions:

1. The best and possibly easiest way to reach us to update the FCC
license is to call the Customer Care Center at 360-902-3770. They will
forward an action request to the Special Plates Unit (that’s us!) and
we can look up the license to update for the customer.

Letter 3/2017

Congratulations to Washington State Hams: (from WWA SM Monte Simpson)
During the first week of January 2017, an ARRL member in Clark County,
Stephen Aberle, WA7PTM, brought to the attention of myself and Eastern
Washington Section Manager Mark Tharp, KB7HDX, Senate Bill 5289. Within
the next few days Mark would learn from the bill’s author Senator Ann
Rivers that the bill had no impact on the Amateur Radio Service. As the
next week passed we learned that not only did Senate Bill 5289 impact
the Amateur Radio Service so did House Bill 1371. Mark, our Section

Letter 2/2017

The deadline is Tuesday, January 31 (at 11:59 PM ET), to receive
completed ARRL Foundation scholarship applications from eligible radio
amateurs pursuing post-secondary education in the 2017-2018 academic
Individuals and clubs support many of the more than 80 scholarships
that the ARRL Foundation manages, with awards ranging from $500 to
$5,000. Applicants for all scholarships must be active radio amateurs
and must complete and submit the online application. Students applying
for 2017-18 academic year awards should review the eligibility

Serving radio amateurs in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington States.

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