Jim Fenstermaker K9JF, Elected as Vice President, ARRL

Greetings to ARRL Members in the Northwestern Division from former
Division Director Jim Fenstermaker K9JF

When the ARRL Board Meeting held in the Hartford, CT area adjourned
last Saturday, January 18, 2014, Northwestern Division Vice Director
Jim Pace, K7CEX, became the new ARRL Northwestern Division Director.
Jim was assigned to participate as a member of the ARRL's
Administration and Finance Committee as well as the Legal Defense and
Assistance Committee.

Director Pace served as the Northwestern Division Vice Director for one
year, Western Washington's Section Manager for five years and, previous
to that, was Assistant Section Manager, Section Emergency Coordinator,
District Emergency Coordinator Washington State Region 3. In addition,
he was the Washington State RACES Officer for nearly four years.

His professional experience includes the area of finance, management,
strategic plan writing, and three decades of emergency management

Please welcome K7CEX to his new ARRL leadership role in the
Northwestern Division and as a member of the ARRL Leadership team!

As for me, I was elected by my ARRL Director peers to become an ARRL
Vice President. This means that my focus will change from a local
emphasis to more of a national view. I accept this challenge and am
quite humbled by the responsibility the other Directors have bestowed
on me. I will continue to attend Division events but not as frequent
as during the past 15 years.

Jim and I look forward to seeing many of you at the Northwestern
Division Convention (SeaPac) from June 6-8, 2014. This year's SeaPac
convention is one of six regional ARRL Centennial Celebrations. A
mailing will be sent from the SeaPac organizing team in a few weeks
announcing this exciting event.

Also, please work us on the bands during the ARRL Centennial QSO Party
which his being held throughout 2014.

Jim Fenstermaker K9JF

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: James E Fenstermaker, K9JF

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